Peak Oak Street reached with Dukes of Hazard stunt

Here’s where you brush up against the limits of modern objective American journalism.

Witnesses guessed a car was traveling 100 miles an hour when it sped south down Oak Street in Mt. Pleasant early Monday morning, the driver attempting to send the car airborne over the road’s dead-end drop-off at High Street.

This is something that demands prose that sings, that glories its subject, that makes us weep for the death of heros. Instead, the entire thing gets rinsed through the filter of newspaper writing and we get this.
I know someone who lives at that end of Oak Street who heard all this. She said she thought the world was coming to an end. As for these two, High Street is four lanes and in the middle of a wide-ish gully. Plus, there is an apartment on the opposite side, which means even if they’d managed to bridge that space they would have been planted into the side of a building. But, as one of the cops on the scene was heard saying, “I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner.”

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