Pat Colbeck’s steaming pile of dumb

A couple of years ago, in response to growing incident rates of preventable childhood diseases, the state of Michigan narrowing the aircraft carrier-sized loophole in the state’s immunization law. When it was just a handful of religious fanatics who didn’t want to immunize, it wasn’t such a problem. Thanks to herd immunity, outbreaks of preventable childhood diseases still remained pretty rare. But, after wealthy suburbanites started to decide they didn’t want terrible (innocuous) chemicals to touch the bloodstreams of their precious little snowflakes, that herd immunity started to break down. So, the state decided that while it wasn’t going to see the immunization law strengthened (thanks to a state Legislature that is long on religious fanaticism and short on science) it could do things administratively to discourage opting out. At the time, I predicted that while a positive development it was going to last only so long as our ongoing experiment in the Dunning-Kruger effect hadn’t caught on. Enter Pat Colbeck.

“It was never the intention of the Legislature to see a vaccination opt-out procedure put into place that essentially mandates that parents have to take time off of work to meet with specific people, view videos, or sign inflammatory forms to exert a right they should be able to exercise more simply,” he said.

“State legislators are increasingly concerned about departments implementing rules that go beyond legislative intent. There is a strong desire to reform the administrative rule-making process across the board, thereby limiting the need for retroactive correction,” he continued.

Hoo boy. That’s a very long, overly-syllabic way of saying, “No pointy head is a-gonna tell me what medicine to give muh kidz.” More to the point, the immunization rate has increased because of the state’s administrative action. Pat Colbeck literally wants more kids to get sick because the curative offends his sense of political theory.

Normally, in these here parts, we’d be thanking term limits for giving us Pat Colbeck. This time, however, we’re going to have to thank term limits for bringing Pat Colbeck’s reign of terror in Lansing to a swift close.

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