A Guidebook to Eric… Baerren? is a handy guidebook to the life of Eric Baerren. It is broken into four basic sections: people, places, things, and Keepin’ it Real in the 989. The first three refer to categories established by their noun identifier. The fourth plays off a marketing campaign aimed at shaming people into shopping within the area code that Eric Baerren lives in. That’s because Eric Baerren’s favorite shopping location — Amazon — puts that marketing campaign at dire risk of failure.

Guidebook started as a social media project. Many of Eric Baerren’s friends who’d never stepped foot in Mount Pleasant, the city Eric Baerren lives in, were confused by hyperlocal posts. One of them, Stephanie Donahue, requested a guidebook to Eric Baerren’s life so she could keep track of what his posts were about. Eric Baerren agreed that spending hours writing down the minutae of his life was a worthwhile project.