Haunted shoes

I went downtown to get dinner two nights ago, and saw a pair of flip-flops on the sidewalk between the next-door neighbor’s property and the apartment complex at the end of the block. The next morning, they were in front of my apartment.

Where did they come from? Who moved them? Why?

I came home from the gym later that morning and found they’d moved an inch closer to my apartment. The only reasonable conclusion is they are possessed and are out to murder me.

Later that afternoon, I was finishing up work and a neighbor couple was out walking their dogs and kids. I told them to avoid the possessed flip-flops. The man, a bearded man with orange hair, agreed. He told me the flip-flops were down the sidewalk just the previous day. So, people are taking notice.

There’s been no new movement this morning. I assume they follow me on Facebook, where I’ve been documenting this, and are staying in place until I lose interest so they can make a mad dash for my front door.

Thus begins the waiting game.

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