A whole life

I pulled over and parked my car in front of a yard. The garage sale I wanted to visit was at the end of the cul-de-sac, but that yard always had the loveliest display of plants and I wanted to give them a close look.

The plants were a display of water-intense flowers growing in a ditch. Up the driveway, the yard was swallowed up by shade and the plants turned into ivies, ferns, and coleus. I started up the driveway as if I’d parked in front of a friend’s house, but remembered why I was there and turned around.

I felt exhausted when I reached the yard with the garage sale and lay down to take a nap in the grass. I awoke to voices. The couple who lived in the house I parked in front of and their neighbors had come to the sale.

They stood around me as I packed up my sleeping pad, bag, and pillow, which were all a compressible package that fit into a box the size of a lunchbox. I slipped it into a light backpack.

As I stood, I felt the weight of their eyes. They were still talking, but they were really watching me in a judgemental, smalltown way. A small child broke the tension.

“That’s Eric,” she said. “He makes videos.”

One of the adults chuckled.

“I do?”

The girl grinned. All of the adults chuckled.

“I shall make a note of this so I know what to do when I am at work.”

She laughed. The adults started to sing a song called, “A Whole Life,” put to the tune of “What Ever Will Be (Que sera sera).”

“This is so fucking weird,” I said to myself and pulled out my phone to message my friends.

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