The climbing tree

My friend was a great hero, a ranger whose story would be told across the ages. She would go on to ve known as the warrior who defeated the spider God with one arrow.

One of her earliest feats was climbing to the sky. The route was up a single tree. I and another person accompanied her on her first try.

The Ranger led, tied to us by a rope. We worked our way up the tree’s branches, along the way taking note of the path.

We go to a.point in the old tree where there were no branches. There was no way to go forward. I became frightened. Then I fell.

And discovered the ground was just a short distance beneath us. If we were going to.climb tonthe sky, we’d need to figure out how to get past the bare trunk.

I devised a scheme by which she’d chop handhold in the trunk until she got past it, and then would anchor a knotted length of rope by which the other two of us could climb it. I had a diagram written on a piece of paper.

“Handholds,” she said. “What if I fall?”

“I’ll catch you,” I said. She laughed and patted my cheek and walked away.

A man who overheard us asked if he could look at the diagram. I showed him and let him have the paper. He was later known as the man who made the sky accessible to us all.

The Ranger, however, found magic berries that let us fly past the bare trunk. Magic berries for the hero, knotted rope for everyone else.

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